Single cover for Heaven Sent You by Chloe Mogg

After a three year gap, writer and performer Chloe Mogg is back, with a soaring single Heaven Sent You!

Heaven Sent You by Chloe Mogg

This track rips through the decades, cherry picking the influences of some of the greatest female artists.  Chloe cites her influences as Alanis Morrissette and Jade Bird, and yes, you’ll hear the passion and angst of Morrissette, and experience the intimacy that Bird creates as she shares her songs; I’ll also add in the echoing harmonies Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac and the storytelling vocals of Lone Justice’s Maria Mckee!  This is a blend which has created a new yet vintage sound, honouring the greats whilst spinning a new twist with Moggs personal touch.

The Crazy One is an album which translates Moggs life experiences into lifting melodies, anchoring challenging themes of mental health and disability into positive rifts and reassuring drum lines.   Life is not always easy and it’s refreshing to experiences the joys alongside the challenges, it’s real and it’s honest.    We need more of the spirit of Chloe Mogg in our lives, a voice to soothe and soar, so put on ‘Heaven Sent You’ and lose yourself in a positive vibe!

By: Juliet Mootz

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