Single cover of Start A War by Goodbye Cassini

Worcester based trio Goodbye Cassini brought May crashing into existence with a brand new single, Start A War.

With arrangements being recorded from home studios during isolation, they were then mixed and mastered by Joe Marsh. This track has an accompanying video which was filmed and produced by the guys themselves, with newest member, drummer Shaun being responsible for the professional looking end result.

Lyrics and music start instantaneously, with the wonderfully accented tones of singer/guitarist Stewart narrating a relatable tale of that person we all know that will start a war over nothing, just for the sake of an argument. The undulating guitar riff and teasing of the drums and cymbals crash like delicate waves behind the story, as the anger against the bully, the narcissist, builds, and leads into a powerful chorus with an anthemic message to stand your ground.

Start a war becomes a chant to inspire and encourage, every beat of the song represents a blow, a punch to the soul, a bassline provided by Colin hums and whirs along, taking a powerful step along this musical journey. A fight back before the track slows, allowing us to take a breath, build ourselves back up, recharge before the final call to fight a battle every day.

Lyrically, this track is ambitious and wordy, a clever way of getting across a message, and delivered with an immense amount of passion. You can hear the resentment towards the subject matter of this three and a half minute track.

For a three piece band, musically this is a intricate offering of sparkling guitar effects and thumping drums, inspiring fists being punched into the air. An alt rock band that delivers on every note and each lyric. The track has been out less than a month but has already had radio airplay and inclusion in Spotify playlists.  The fire and emotion bundled into this tune is begging for a live audience, it would literally bring the house down. A crowd pleaser for absolute sure.

By: Kate Ford

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