Stuart Woolfenden - Man of the House - Single Review

Marking his second release of 2020, Stuart Woolfenden reveals a vulnerable side on his latest single ‘Man of the House’. As the follow up to his self-produced ‘Show It’ back in March, Stuart returns with an emotional electro-pop number. Based in Worcestershire, Stuart has built up a strong repertoire over the past 5 years. Known as an honest singer-songwriter, the latest single will pull at your heart-strings.

Telling the story about his parents separation, the song illustrates the expectation he felt from outsides to fill in his father’s shoes. Emotive and personal, hearing Stuart in this limelight is breathtaking and showcases how open he is with his music. Penned with electric guitars and passionate vocals, the vulnerable single builds into a fierce, confident finale. A breathtaking number that should rocket Stuart to stardom.

By Chloe Mogg

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