CD Cover of The Arboretum, Beyond The Horizon

“Beyond This Horizon” seems to offer a shaft of light in the murk.  These are the days of streaming individual songs rather than whole albums, with millions of songs available instantly and the impatience that goes with it: “It gets 20 seconds and if it’s not happening then it’s off!”  It takes a brave musician to allow their song to have a long introduction.  The Arboretum are so unapologetic in how they allow their music to develop and grow before the singer enters the song, that they remind me of Pink Floyd in that respect.  “Beyond this Horizon” has a sweep and grandeur that’s different to Emergence”.  The drums still pound like Killing Joke and the mix is still heavy with echo, but it has an uplift in the melody that is stirring, like watching the sunrise.  Again, it’s hard to hear the lyrics in the mix, but… I think… “Open your eyes, see the sun, beyond this light, beyond this horizon.”  You have to hear the music for yourself to understand the combination of musical elements.  It’s like an epic, wide-screen, post-electronica gothic that aims to lift you out of yourself, almost as an out of body experience.  Head to their active Facebook page for more. 

By: Eastside Jimmy

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