The Kelly Line

The Kelly Line are a father/son songwriting duo with the ability to write stunning stripped back, acoustic music with a twist. ‘I Never Promised You Flowers’ is an acoustic number with social commentary of politics thrown in the mix. Showcasing their folk-punk side to the acoustic duo, the song is in context with the recent political history of both the UK and the US. The band stated, “With new promises made and broken almost daily amidst a world in crisis, we set about writing and recording ‘Flowers’ in order to make sense of what we were seeing”.

A 4 and a half minute wonder of pure honesty, ‘I Never Promised You Flowers’ guides through a turbulent time with ease. It feels like the kind of song that can gear you up, but at the same time, reassure you that things will be ok in the end. The Kelly Line reminisce the 60s and the present day in the single with a nostalgic presence soaring throughout. Father and son are split between Cheltenham and Cardiff, whereas the other members of the band come from Bewdley and Wales. A versatile outfit showcasing emotive lyrics with a passionate arrangement, check out ‘I Never Promised You Flowers’ is you’re into Frank Turner and Flogging Molly to name a few.

By: Chloe Mogg

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