Example covers by Jonathan Dukes

The Performers Poster Exhibition
By Jonathan Dukes
At SLAP, Arch 30, Croft Walk, Worcester WR1 3BD

Photo of Jonathan Dukes
Jonathan Dukes

Jonathan Dukes lives in Worcester with his family. From the earliest age, he has been told, he drew, even before speech. “None of these drawings still exist because they were rubbish” says Jonathan – but he has made up for those by doodling in every lesson, lecture and meeting he’s been in. Always influenced by a broad array of art, from comic pages, paintings and graphics, he’s created images for the RSC, the BBC, and countless private commissions.

In 2015, Inspired by Brian Bolland and David Hockney, Jonathan moved into the digital art world, swapping inks and brushes for an iPad stylus and Procreate software.

Drawing is very solitary, and Jonathan has always been in awe of those who can take their creativity to the stage and perform for others. Musicians and music are a rich source of inspiration for him, local and national band illustrations have been a way of acknowledging that.

Design by Jonathan Dukes
Design by Jonathan Dukes

He currently divides his time between gardening, illustration and his Masters at Worcester University.

Public Viewing

There is a public viewing at SLAP – Arch 30 Croft Walk on Friday 2nd June 7-9pm and the exhibition will be on display between 10 & 4 from Monday 5th all week at SLAP, Arch 30, Croft Walk, Worcester, WR1 3BD.

Demonstration and Q&A with Jonathan

Then there is a software demonstration and Q&A with Jonathan on Thursday 8th June between 7-9pm. Advance tickets are available from We Got Tickets at £10 per head. The event will happen at at SLAP, Arch 30, Croft Walk, Worcester, WR1 3BD.

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