Pink Drone

Album cover for Afterlife by Pink Drone

Album Review: Afterlife by Pink Drone

So Pink Drone is back with a new album and, without giving too much away at this stage, it’s absolutely fantastic. For those who haven’t come across Pink Drone before now it is the electronic and post punk musical styling […]

Album cover for Modernism by Pink Drone

Modernism by Pink Drone (John Rose) – an album review

This is Modernism with more than a nod to the past. If the DC comic book artists’ had smoked crystal meth this is the monochrome version of modernism we would have discovered.  John Rose – the one man art movement […]

Album cover of Fluxus by Pink-Drone

Fluxus by Pink Drone – Album Review

For those who know their art history, the album’s title Fluxus – yes, I had to research the name and art movement – highlights the knowing erudition of John Rose aka Pink Drone. The idea of a constant “flow” of […]