Photo of the band TWIN NIOR

Wolfgang Promotions present: TWIN NOIR
Support from: MATT HART / ISONET
Spin the Black Circle, Worcester
Friday 24th March 2023

TWIN NOIR consists of Cody Barcelona on vocals, guitar, and sound, and Ian Volt on vocals and bass. Both musicians are true artists, and they aim to conquer the world with their unique and captivating sound. Their music is sometimes dark, sometimes satirical-dadaistic, but always technoid-melodic.

The story of TWIN NOIR began with mutual respect and admiration between the two musicians. Ian Volt was impressed with Cody’s live performance over a decade ago and recognized his artistic talent. While Cody has always been a musician, Ian studied art at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart but remained true to music. The two met repeatedly with their bands and projects before finally coming together as TWIN NOIR in the midst of the Corona pandemic in 2021.

TWIN NOIR – Analog

During the lockdown, TWIN NOIR used their creativity to design their sound and themselves. They recorded part of their album in Mexico while playing a tour of 12 shows. Their debut album, “2 Punks and a Tape Machine,” showcases their sound and style.

TWIN NOIR’s sound is a mix of New Wave and Punk with technoid beats, driving basses, and catchy melodies. They add socio-critical and satirical lyrics in German to create a unique and gloomy sound while also producing an optimistic and euphoric mood. They use analog equipment, including a tape machine, sampler, and theremin, to create their sound.

Live, TWIN NOIR delivers an energetic performance that immediately transfers from the band to the audience. They open the door to their Berlin club-inspired sound and get the audience moving collectively. Cody explains that their drum machine is the driving force behind their sound, and it just keeps going, making people want to dance.

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