La Vivas – Working Class Symphonies - EP Review

Is our divided society broken, or simply spluttering along like a tired old Vauxhall Viva? In these un-presidential times, we have the unprecedented spectacle on social media of “state-actors” that profess to “serve and protect” tasering unarmed men, following unprovoked expletive laden threats. We have ex-Etonians playing politics with our country’s future. Having witnessed a middle-class Head teacher act like a schoolyard bully to undermine and control, then completely deny the fact, the opening question is a valid one. However, in amongst the jarring dishonesty is a refreshingly honest take by the La Vivas on rock on roll…   

From the rocking opening chord progression of Any Way the Dollar Rolls, the single rolls along with the familiarity of a record you have listened to since your first musical awakening. Close your eyes and listen to the raucous vocal delivery – reminiscent of a young Jagger! – young Mick who in turn, along with his band appropriated rock and roll and played it back to the Americans…loudly. If you are going to perform old fashioned rock and roll you had better do it well and the La Vivas nail this criterion… One of the criteria for any band must be the refusal to be typecast. The Brit Pop-esque ballad that is the White Room is a fitting dedication to Oasis at their pomp best. The beguiling and lilting voice lulls you in to the involuntary closing of your eyes, taking another sip and an appreciation that despite everything: life is good. Life was good for La Vivas before the lockdown with some gossip-worthy gigs that proved their live credentials. Maybe our society is broken – our picturesque village church has been broken in to twice– but the likes of the Vivas are helping us make sense of it all and are naturally leading the way on the live circuit…so viva our working class leaders and I bet they never went to Eton!

By: The Swilgate Scuttler

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