Max Stockin - YOU - Single Review

It’s no secret that since reviewing “Better to Burn”, the second single from Max Stockin since venturing into a solo career after “Do you Remember”, I’ve been keen to put pen to paper (or finger to screen if we’re going for accuracy here) to write about whatever followed. Thankfully, I haven’t had too long to wait. Amongst keeping his loyal followers entertained during the boredom and troubles brought to us throughout lockdown, musical Max has served up an absolute beauty of a track. Today’s charts are saturated with break up songs, punchy revenge tracks, heartache and heartbreak, and the perils of “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve” situations, that it’s actually been a long-time since I’ve heard a proper love song.

Bringing romance back onto the table, the new single from Max, simply titled “You” , produced by Ben Stancombe, is full of loveable lyrics to soften the hardest of hearts. This song wastes no time, as it will have your happy feet tapping the moment the catchy number starts and the distinctive voice of Max begins his tale by asking if he can take some time to sing about his feelings. It’s the kind of song you can imagine playing while lying on a beach, next to your loved one, with blue skies and sunshine high above, the sound of waves hugging the shore. Happiness in a song, if ever I heard it. Musically, the track is a soothing, comfortable shuffle, with an irresistible beat to bop along to. An accompanying lyric video showing press shots of Max in a shirt as delightfully colourful as the track itself , and adds even more charm to this already heartwarmingly charming tune.

To add even more to the overall joy this song brings, Max himself has proved his absolute love of performing while doing his livestreams on social media throughout lockdown, and his fans have been treated to an acoustic version of “You”. Its fair to say it’s gone down well with the crowd of adoring fans already. Max has said that this is one of his favourites he’s ever written, and to see him performing it online was proof of that. Such an enigmatic performer, love for the music pours out of him. Enthusiastic and a joy to watch, it’s impossible not to smile when you see him singing a collection of covers and originals. “You” was written for someone he was seeing for a while, and the lyrics reflect the feelings you get when you first meet someone and you think it’s gong to last forever. Then times change and you’re not with them anymore. The only hint the song gives about the relationship not lasting is the middle section, where a plea is made for a promise to be made that this isn’t just a dream, just one night and then goodbye. The music even slows down a little and leads into an old school guitar solo, very much representative of Max and his 60s/70s musical influences. However, my optimistic mind, sees this as merely a thought as I truly want to believe in the absolute romanticism this track delivers. The world is a strange place for all of us at the moment, I recommend you stream “You” and add a little sparkle of Max to your life. Because let’s face is, we all need a little ray of sunshine, and this track is the perfect way to find one.

By: Kate Ford

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